Please share your natural history observations (despite Covid-19)


As I’m sure you’ll understand, in view of Covid-19 and Government guidance, Leeds Naturalists’ Club has had to cancel all indoor and field meetings, including our 150th Anniversary Bioblitz, until further notice. It’s particularly unfortunate that this has come about just as the weather has improved and spring is in the air.

However, nature will carry on regardless so, notwithstanding the current restrictions on our activities, if you make any interesting natural history observations or take any photos (e.g. from the kitchen window!) please do send them in so that we can share them on the website.

An interesting frog observation this year: Our garden pond is about 20 m from our neighbour’s, which is about 2 m higher in altitude than ours (according to Google Earth). Frogs started spawning in our neighbour’s pond by Feb. 20 but didn’t start in ours until Mar 9! Suggested explanations please….!

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